Was Marsala Palace, now Budha Palace.

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Re: Was Marsala Palace, now Budha Palace.

Postby El Cid » Sat Mar 12, 2016 11:13 pm

We have been there twice now, each time with friends who are happy to share dishes, so we have had a good opportunity to try a fair number of dishes.

There are now 150 items on the menu, including all the usual British Indian choices. However there are about 9 chef's specials and 8 Nepalese specials. We tried a few of these and they are very different from the usual heavily tomato based sauces that so many local restaurants tend to use. I have to say that although their use of spices and herbs is really good, all the dishes lack a chilli bite. With the Nepalese dishes, I could not really comment on whether this is normal, but a Jalfrezi, which is usually at least a bit spicy, was almost totally lacking in chilli which is unusual.

Starters are fine although the Samosas are a bit crunchy. The pickle tray with the pops is better than usual, but only because most of their competitors are awful.Prawn Puri very good. Onion Bhajis adequate. Veggie Pakoras not bad. Chicken Tandoori good.

The Nepalese dishes were very nice, especially the Lamb Pokhareli which was a mixture of lamb chunks and minced lamb with peas and lots of herbs. Rice is OK and Naans pretty good.

House wine is €8.95 and drinkable, but probably about €1.50 retail at best. Service is very good and friendly. The Nepalese? manager speaks very good English. They don't appear to do the special lunchtime offers that Masala house did so if you were used to that menu it will now seem more expensive. Lunch for 4 with copious wine was €85.

Overall, I would not say the food is any better than the other local Curry Houses,but it offers a lot of very different dishes without the all pervading tomato based sauces that so many use, which tends to make everything taste the same and that is not the case here which is a refreshing change.

Will I be back - definitely yes.


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