Bruce Springsteen and the E street band

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Re: Bruce Springsteen and the E street band

Postby Manchesteral » Wed Jun 08, 2022 11:11 am

Manchesteral wrote: Wed Jun 08, 2022 11:09 am
gerryh wrote: Wed Jun 08, 2022 10:05 am Bruce is in Barcelona next year.
Might be cheaper than going to Sweden. ... 2cc94efa10
Yes, I've looked at that Gerry, the problem is that with the horrendous situations regarding flying there is no guarantee that I could actually get there, if the flight is delayed or worse canclled then the whole thing falls to pieces at least I know I can definitely get to Sweden with minimum fuss, flying or going by ferry is easy and stress free, one can even drive there (if one has the fortitude) !

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