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Postby andalucia » Mon Jun 18, 2007 9:12 am

Providing a professional and reliable support services for letting agents and their tenants.

FCC Paragon is established as one of the leading UK specialist companies providing extensive services to the residential lettings industry in Britain, they are now bringing their expertise to the Spanish market, with PARAGON ADVANCE ESPAÑA, the first UK model of this kind to be adapted for Spain.

Home rentals are rapidly increasing and the requirement for a professional service such as the one Paragon Advance España offers is extremely valid.

Currently there are there are over 3 to 4 million empty houses all over Spain and recently the new socialist government began to modify laws in order to increase the number of rental homes available from 11% to 20% over the next 4 years which will bring approximately 3.1 million unoccupied properties onto the rental market which will have massive implications to the industry.

Also to be considered is overseas investors and immigrants who over the last decade in Spain have contributed to the overwhelming growth in foreign investment in local property, many of whom originally purchasing off-plan with a view to selling on. As the expansive property supply has surpassed the demand and over confident projections on returns have caused disappointment to these investors, many have to choose to hang on to property and look for rental income from lettings to cover borrowing, ever saturating the lettings industry.

From our research we believe that landlords that want to rent the property are becoming less prudent and the knock on effect is often disastrous with poor tenants being housed, creating bad relations between managing agents and their clients, with loss of income for all parties.

Using our sophisticated IT program Paragon Advance España offers a unique and reliable tenant referencing service that takes 24 –48 hours, and a rental income/legal cost warranty to protect both the agent and the landlord against bad tenants.

Paragon Advance España has the experience and intimate knowledge of EU law through extensive work with expert tenancy lawyers in Spain, they can now provide and guarantee their PEACE OF MIND promise to landlords in Spain. We are inviting letting agencies to work with us to provide this professional and viable product to enhance their reputation in securing decent tenants, their approach to business and potential increased revenue from commission of sales.

For further information and details on our services please refer to our website


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