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Building options

Postby vix2000 » Tue Apr 06, 2021 7:12 pm

Any UK builders who have built their own extension? (obvs with pertinent plans and permissions) OH is a UK builder and debating what the cost difference would be between paying a Spanish builder (OH not keen after seeing some of the buildings going up) and doing it himself. Also not sure if UK methods are acceptable here. Worried about damp as seen many buildings with paint peeling off due to no damp course, would also prefer smooth plaster. Most here seem to be built on rafts rather than with foundations, although our Spanish neighbour seems to be very proud that his house is built with foundations, so not sure if foundations are better here. Its only a small extension for an en suite, we were thinking it could be built in blocks rather than the little red hollow bricks? The roofs appear to be very different so thinking he could build to roof level then pay someone to do the roof. We have absolutely no idea what builders charge in Spain, or material costs. I have read on other threads that there is a British builders merchant in Marbella, is it better ti use these than local builders merchants?

Really sorry for all the questions, and very grateful for any advice/tips.

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