Pool Valves Translation - Spanish to English

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Pool Valves Translation - Spanish to English

Postby paratusgc » Mon Nov 22, 2021 2:38 pm

Buenas Dias,

I am having trouble understanding the Spanish translations for my pool valves.

I would appreciate it if someone could please give me the English translations for each of the valves below and let me know what state (open or closed) each should be for a) normal pool operation and for b) cleaning/vacuuming.

The valves are currently set as follows:

Llenado.jpg - Closed - http://prnt.sc/202rqjr
Desague.jpg - Closed - http://prnt.sc/202rwkd
Fondo.jpg - Closed - http://prnt.sc/202rv77
Limpia Fondo - Closed - http://prnt.sc/202rtw5
Skimer.jpg - Open - http://prnt.sc/202rtw5
Banco.jpg - Open - http://prnt.sc/202ry39

Thanks very much - your help is really appreciated.

Kindest regards,
Gavin Cooper

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Re: Pool Valves Translation - Spanish to English

Postby gerryh » Mon Nov 22, 2021 4:15 pm

Welcome to the forum. :wave: :thumbup:
Can't help you with your question as I don't have a pool.
But I can help you with posting images to this forum.
You can't post them the way you tried.
You need to use something like https://postimages.org/ to select your image,
then use the full editor, not a quick reply, to post your message and click on the third icon from the right, the one which looks like a sun on top of a mountain, to actually insert your image into your post.
Gerry Harris

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