Salt Water Swimming Pools

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Salt Water Swimming Pools

Postby Terryd1963 » Wed Jan 01, 2014 10:16 am

Happy New Year Everyone

Any advice welcome on the topic of Saltwater pools opposed to Chlorine filled pools, and does anyone know of a company near Coin that converts pools.

Any comments appreciated.

Terry D

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Re: Salt Water Swimming Pools

Postby Beachcomber » Wed Jan 01, 2014 11:59 am

I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. Check here before deciding:

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Re: Salt Water Swimming Pools

Postby dxf » Thu Feb 27, 2014 11:14 pm


I have friends who have that skin disease psoriasis and swear that the salt water helps. More expensive than a normal chlorine pool - uses loads of electricity in the summer.

Oh and having looked after it for the past 10 years - there hasn´t been any real problems except the catalytic converter has been replaced.


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