Water filter in apartment

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Water filter in apartment

Postby fyfin » Sun Aug 19, 2018 2:43 pm

I know you can have a filter system under the sink as some friends have done so but as far as I know it only filters the water to the cold tap. So the cold water supply to the electric boiler is not filtered and I know the water here is "muddy" because the filters at a neighbour's villa go brown in about 3 weeks. Also when the boiler was serviced it was full of brown sludge, a combination of cal and mud is what it looked like.
I had a look under the sink but it looks like the supply coming in i.e. to the rest of the apartment is in the kitchen but in the wall where the shut off valve is situated. My wife is not keen on having the wall hacked into but I can see no other way. It could mean a complete re-tile as there will be no matching tiles now and then the filters would have to sit on the worktop or be boxed in in some way.
I just wondered if anyone has had this done in an apartment.
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