Fibre Glass Lined Pool

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Fibre Glass Lined Pool

Postby vinuela vinny » Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:25 pm

Hi All

I wondered if any of you experts out there might be able to advise us?

Last year we had our leaking pool refurbished (re-concreted, and covered with two laters of 'painted' fibre glass, and all pipework renewed (previously the pool was ceramically tiled) which seems to have worked, since there have been no leaks throughout the winter. Now we are beginning a new season's use, and we are anxious not to repeat any past poor practice. We have already decided not to put chloro tablets in the skimmer basket, or on the floor of the pool as we occasionally did in the past. We wondered however, whether any of powdered chloro, copper granules or Jolly Gel, might over a period of time, damage the fibre glass?

Any thoughts or experiences welcomed

Thanks in advance


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