Worms in pool - how???

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Worms in pool - how???

Postby fyfin » Tue Mar 31, 2020 3:05 pm

I didn't know whether to put this in gardening or here lol. After the heavy rain there were at least 100 (probably more) lying in the middle of the pool. None anywhere else and I have no overhanging trees or hedges or any soil nearby, all tiles. It's not a big pool and we're not out in the country as such.

The worms were all around the same size about 3 inches. I asked neighbours bit no-one else had the same problem. There was no other debris in the pool as I had only cleaned it 2 days before. So, I fished them all out and assumed they had to have dropped out of the sky.

Two days later we had more rain overnight and lo and behold more worms, not as many this time but still more than I would have like and some still alive.

I've fished them out too and despite the rain last night and this morning, no more worms. I'm going slightly mad anyway as I've been going round singing "Worm Free" to the tune of "Born Free" but I wondered if anyone on here has any suggestions. Otherwise I'll put it down to just another one of the plagues like the coronavirus. lol Locusts next maybe.
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