Citrus trees

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Citrus trees

Postby Rummii » Fri Apr 24, 2020 10:54 am

Hi all hope someone can help as I’m getting so frustrated with orange trees.....
I’ve got four or five trees in a particular area of my garden that just keep getting fruit drop and dieback.....
The first few years of being here they were good and I know I had neglected them at first as I didn’t know much about gardening....but this year I thought I had done everything right they had been fertilised about every three months watered had been sprayed fungally and treated if had greenfly etc they looked brilliant then they got leaf miner early in year but bounced back had tons of flowers nice green laves .....then as flowers dropped and fruit was setting the leaves started dropping with branch dieback and fruit loss
I’m so stuck on what to try even tempted to dig up and plant new so was hoping someone has had similar issues and found a simple remedy as its gutting to have these trees and still have to buy oranges as these were so lovely the first few years....
Many thanks

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