Win7 desktop shortcuts stopped working

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Win7 desktop shortcuts stopped working

Postby TorreDelAguila » Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:02 am

Had an oddity yesterday: shortcuts on the desktop which should have triggered a website (including Outlook, weather, iPlayer...) just stopped working. Click on, and zilch - not even an error message - just a blank screen.

Used an alternative device to websearch the problem, and Microsoft and other sites full of reports of same "since Win update of April 2018...". Suggestions included checking that Internet Explorer was the default search engine, which it was, and a re-confirmation of that didn't fix it. A MS patch showed, as a fix, but that was no longer available. Also showing were a couple of extensive tinkerings with Windows set-up; resisted that.

Eventually found the fix. Following a bit of successful use of IE, a window popped up suggesting a switch to Google Chrome, which I had always used anyway. Clicked on it, Chrome downloaded and (re-)installed, and all now working again.


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