Windows 10 - 1903

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Re: Windows 10 - 1903

Postby markwilding » Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:19 am

Now back home with my new laptop, bought in the UK. First task was to transfer the files I wanted to keep before from the old laptop before it is reformatted. It started in seconds even though it hadn't been used for over 2 weeks.

This new one has the specs of a Mac for half the price i7, 16gbs ram 1 TB sloid state HD and a dedicated graphics card. Only HD, not 4K. I charged it up last Tuesday evening to check it out a little before putting it back into its box then opened it up last night to start setting it up and I was away in seconds on battery mode. It is as thin as the MAC we bought a couple of years ago and a little bit lighter.

The update to the latest windows was done much more quickly than my other computers. I had to do a couple of restarts when I downloaded cloud services from Dropbox and Apple and when I had finished, I had a quick look at the progress and to my surprise, it had already been completed.

At the moment I'm very happy with my purchase

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