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Postby casita-bonita » Fri Aug 09, 2019 2:55 pm

Haven't seen it mentioned on here yet. The Android version of the Freeview app is now available on playstore.

Only installed it last night so haven't had an extensive play yet, but what I have tried to view so far seems to work. Only issue I've come across as yet is moving around the EPG on a TV box. On the table no problem as you simply scroll around with your finger. Obviously this won't work on a TV screen :-). I've tried various combinations of scroll wheel, hold left hand button down and move mouse, even page down on the standard remote control. Occasionally I've managed to move around using the left hand mouse, but not consistently. Still spending brain time figuring that out.

It is heavily reliant on the tv apps from the various broadcast companys, iplayer, ITVhub, My5 and whatever the other couple are called.


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