Salicru UPS part 2

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Salicru UPS part 2

Postby olive » Thu Nov 16, 2023 8:45 pm

New readers……

My two Salicru units were displaying shot battery symptoms , taking forum advice I set off to buy batteries and following a tutorial on utube, it all looked simple. First problem was I do not possess a long enough screwdriver.

Next day, we were due to collect a visitor from Malaga. So decided life was too short and I would pay Salicru in Malaga to change batteries and test them. Plus attend to an additional problem. A two pronged plug had snapped off in one of the sockets. I had already had one shock ( not fatal!) and didnt fancy trying to remove them.

The units were booked in and from the serial numbers looked in gaurantee. So they hung onto them until I got home and checked. Sure enough they were less than two years old and qualified for free collection and repair. BUT they had to go back to Salicru Barcelona for that.

Collected them when our guest left and was given a print off of how to register the products and create an incident number for each box. That had some issues as I was already registered from visiting the Malaga sub branch. Overcame that and packaged the units with copies of all the paperwork. They were collected ( one box) and sure enough , within 48 hours, I received a box. It contained a brand new UPS. Waited two more days and rang. Where is my other one? Someone rang me back and said. We have investigated and will send you the second one by Monday. No apology. ( of course)

I read the other day that Spanish productivity is one of the lowest in Europe despite working long hours. The cost of failure and quality is immense but no doubt the company think they are doing a great job.

Went to the garage for a straightforward revision on the car today. Be there at 9 and we will do it first 90 mins. Got there at nine and he wasnt even open till 9.15. Worse first job was fitting new number plates on a car. I went of for a 90 min coffee etc.
Got back and job was waiting for air filter , which they had forgotten to order. Be here at 12. Went for another coffee. This time where I could see the Recambios van arrive. It arrived at 1 pm. Got away at 1.30. Like Salicru, they will all go home and say they worked hard today…..

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