Auto correct spelling on iphone

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Auto correct spelling on iphone

Postby Lavanda » Tue Apr 23, 2024 3:56 pm

Eighteen months ago, I finally gave in an got an iphone, second hand or refurbished or whatever it’s called and, to be honest, it’s amazing - except for it’s spell check.

It flags up wrongly spelled words (fat finger typo syndrome) but the alternative words offered are crazy and, mostly, it offers nothing at all. This is the same across both English and Spanish.

Why can the iphone not learn the words most often spelled wrongly and/or offer sensible suggestions? i. e. I very often type and the letter to the left of the one I want comes up - it’s the way I type, I guess. Often I get tje instead of the but the iphone never offers ‘the’ as an alternative but other, weird words.

How can I teach the thing to be more helpful/intelligent?

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