Urgent help needed - mobile mechanic/cheap tow truck

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Urgent help needed - mobile mechanic/cheap tow truck

Postby toffeeboy » Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:17 pm

Hello, I moved to Cordoba province, rural andalucia in mid January, and bought a 2nd hand Mitsubishi Shogun, 3 weeks in, which promptly broke down a week later, on the 13th Feb. We have not had it back since and it has not yet had any work started on it. Since then I have been hiring cars by the week but that is now getting expensive, I have been told that it needs two new gaskets, but Im no expert. I was wondering if there was anyone who either might be a mobile mechanic, or even have a tow truck at a reasonable rate to get it back from Cordoba to AEG. The car is an English (Spanish plated) Shogun, 3 litre, 95 ish model.
Any help/ideas much appreciated

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