Smuggler's Routes into Spain

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Smuggler's Routes into Spain

Postby Faire d'Income » Tue Jun 10, 2008 9:13 pm


anyone know of any good 'side' routes into Spain from Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey Land?

I'm looking to avoid the main arterial routes that the socialist scum are blocking and slip over the Pyrenees via a route that won't be blockaded.

Also, is super unleaded affected to the same/lesser extent as farmer fuel normal unleaded? I'm coming armed with jerry cans but would prefer to fill up if possible as the thought of traveling at 50mph doesn't appeal.


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Re: Smuggler's Routes into Spain

Postby Wicksey » Wed Jun 11, 2008 4:09 pm

I presume you mean France (not sure I understand the monkey bit :oops: ).

We used to use the Bielsa tunnel which is one of the better mountain routes without too many twisty mountain roads (but mainly because it was due south of our French house). We then went via Huesca to Zaragoza and then down through Madrid as usual. The road was always nearly deserted and we have used it numerous times (but never in a transport strike!) and it's also a very scenic route.

The Tunel de Somport to the west of Bielsa (south of Pau) wasn't too bad but there were a lot of lorries using it the one time we tried it. The only other mountain pass I've used was at Vielha but that was an awful route and the tunnel was the scariest thing I've ever encountered (they were building a new one so perhaps it's finished, but the approach roads were really twisty and horrible as well).

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