ITV change - no letter of notification

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ITV change - no letter of notification

Postby Gasman » Tue Feb 05, 2019 3:51 pm

Greetings to all ITV inspection users - my car was due for its six monthly check, and I have been waiting for the very regular and very useful letter to turn up to remind me of the date etc, and I just realised that the letter has not arrived and my cita previa needs to be on or before next Monday!! :wtf:

So I went onto the website direct, filled in the details, and got my appointment booked - OK. :thumbup: I also used the contact page to send a note asking if the letter had been sent, or if there was a problem ........... got a fairly immediate email reply :clap: to say that letters were no longer being sent out and suggesting I sign up to receive reminders via email or SMS via their web page ... :crazy:
This is what you see :-
<Servicio de notificacionesVEIASA
Información al cliente
A partir de ahora las comunicaciones relativas a la Inspección Técnica de su Vehículo (ITV) se notificarán únicamente a través de E-mail o SMS.
Con este nuevo sistema dejará de recibir la tradicional carta de aviso, donde se le indica cuándo le corresponde pasar la ITV a su vehículo.
Por ello, si quiere seguir recibiendo esta información u otra de interés relativa al servicio, necesitamos que nos facilite su dirección de correo electrónico y/o su número de teléfono móvil, según las condiciones recogidas en el aviso legal y política de privacidad de la web

So I would suggest that if you have an ITV inspection due, you sign up accordingly - remember to put in the last 6 numbers of your "Bastidor" (chassis number) rather than the immatriculation date if the bastidor is what you usually use - you have to select that section. Otherwise straightforward even if it is all in spanish. :wave:

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Re: ITV change - no letter of notification

Postby gerryh » Tue Feb 05, 2019 4:36 pm

I recieved a letter for my car, ITV due 9th Feb.
Worth having the ITV Andalicia app on your phone. Once you have inputed your vehicles dtails then it is very easy to book an ITV
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Re: ITV change - no letter of notification

Postby spanish_lad » Wed Feb 13, 2019 12:09 am

when you go to the itv station and select your registration number on their digital screens, after you select it it will ask you if you want notifications via text message.
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Re: ITV change - no letter of notification

Postby Unicorn » Fri Feb 15, 2019 7:16 pm

I just got my letter and called the garage immediately but they have said they cannot get an appointment until 5 days after the due date. (First week of March)

I understand there is no period of 'grace' but the garage said to go and see them and they will give me something that will cover me.

Anyone know what this may be?

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Re: ITV change - no letter of notification

Postby 1bassleft » Sun Feb 17, 2019 11:48 pm

Perhaps the garage are thinking they will hand you a note along the lines of "this car has just been repaired/inspected at our garage and is driving directly to the ITV station"? That works for a car that's been inspected and found Disfavorable, but afaik the law hasn't been changed for a car whose ITV has elapsed, even if driving directly to an ITV appointment. Probably be ok for all but the most ill-tempered plod but is it not worth checking the ITV website and looking for a cita at another station in the area with an appointment available before expiry? I couldn't get a thing nearby in August, even though I started looking >4 weeks ahead, so I grabbed the one in mid July although it was a mild trek to Antequera. The extra month gained before its next inspection was some payback. Don't be surprised to be asked to show your insurance cert this year; I was.

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