Peugeot Dashboard Lights

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Re: Peugeot Dashboard Lights

Postby Enrique » Thu Apr 27, 2023 10:04 pm

Hi Lavanda,
You could get some interesting replies to this one..............

"but is this the way to go?"..... look on your last ITV emissions report does it have the your full vehicle details on the report. If so the Test equipment might expect certain results from that make/model so could fail if not met.

On the other hand there may just be a general 'level' that has to be met. So "disconnecting" the Adblue will get you a Pass.

If so a Adblue Emulator might be the cheapest way forward.........ask at your garage.

Hopefully this bit of info doesn't apply to your Model.................taken from the 208 manual...........

"In the event of a confirmed fault with the
SCR system, you must go to a PEUGEOT
dealer or a qualified workshop as soon
as possible: after a running distance of
685 miles (1,100 km), a system will be
triggered automatically to prevent engine

I've seen some reports (in Spain) of Trucks that have the Adblue turned off and being hit with fines. The test equipment having detected these Cheat Devices.

Best option.... trade the 208 in for a petrol car.
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Re: Peugeot Dashboard Lights

Postby Lavanda » Fri Apr 28, 2023 6:51 am

What you say makes sense, Enrique and I’ve already thought about trading the car for something less complicated and finicky. I’ll check with the main dealer but I imagine the Adblue can always be reconnected later on. I know trucks get fined but the emissions on the car should not be that different. I have two years to go to the next ITV and I may not have the car by then anyway.

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