found a dog who do i call?

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found a dog who do i call?

Postby lilgoff » Mon Aug 27, 2018 7:31 pm

Hi sorry if this is addressed else where but would like to reunit a dog we found with its owner ASAP, i have posted to some face book groups for this area but no response yet. Who else could i call to try and help her?

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Re: found a dog who do i call?

Postby Lyric » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:44 pm

It would help if we knew where you were, you could be 300km from me for instance.

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Re: found a dog who do i call?

Postby Gasman » Mon Aug 27, 2018 8:49 pm

First point of reference is to find out if it has a microchip - all dogs should by law in Spain, but this is Spain, and most do not have chips. Here our vets will perform this service free of charge and they have access to the main database to check back to find the vet who installed the chip and the owner ... otherwise, most Protectoras de Anaimals - refuge and rescue groups - have a chip reader, but often they would prefer not to get involved at an early stage, as then de facto they have taken an interest in the dog, and as they are all overworked and under great strain, would prefer you to do this first step via friendly vet if you can.
If it has no microchip, in effect by law it has no owner!!! You can adopt it via legal channels, eg Protectora or local police, put it back on the street, or ask the Protectora to take it on and find an adopter - if you were to take it in as foster in the meantime they would be very grateful!!!
Otherwise you can take its photo and post it up in relevant places, eg the vets in your area, the police station, on lamposts where you found it - and hope the owner is actively looking for it. For a house dog, you stand a chance - if it s hunting dog, mongrel, mastin, you may find the owner is not interested in recuperating it - sad but often true.
Often an interested owner who has lost their dog will first contact the local vets, then the Rescue groups (check on facebook or Google Search to try to find them and how to get in touch - they may let you post a notice with photo of the dog on their platform), and then the local police, so it is worth passing on your info to these in order that the owner can trace it back to you.

You can always post a photo of the hound on here and indicate the area it was found - you never know, someone may have heard something ...

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Re: found a dog who do i call?

Postby elusive » Thu Sep 06, 2018 9:25 pm

Alot of Local police stations have a chip reader. We had a dog turn up a few weeks back. After posting on f was mistaken for someones dog so we ended up at the police station. Thankfully it had a chip as was reunited with its owner. It was a young pedigree and obviously a family pet.but we were lucky alot arent

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