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Personal Information Websites

Postby Curiouse » Sun May 21, 2023 11:39 am

I know there are websites to look up employment details , Pension forecasts , registered Contract hours , duration with employers etc but Is there an official website that workers can use to look up their cumulative annual income and associated deductions . Each year i do my wife's Renta and her income , social payments , private pension contributions and Tax deducted from employment and Bank Interest are already filled in but this year one is not , its box 596 ,tax deducted from Income from Work , box 597 the tax deducted from the interest the bank pays is and so is Box 003 income from work and also 013 Social payments deducted however Box 596 is missing this year so the tax that would be shown there she would be refunded but as its missing the only refund she will get is from the bank interest tax deduction .

I am wondering if the way the tax is paid might have changed and rather than pay it then reclaim it the following year it might now be that tax is not paid while earnings are below the tax personal allowance , a fairer way to do it .

My wife pestered her ex employer for 5 years for nominals but never got a single one , no fiddle going on everything was above board and the figures on the Renta were always around what they should have been , the guy is just so disorganised but hes a decent guy and honest so i need to find another way to get the Tax paid figures if any was paid at all , if it was paid i then need to fine a way to see why its no longer shown on the Renta as it has been for the last 10 years . I have Digital Certificates .

I would be grateful if anyone would steer me in the right direction .

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