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Tax question

Postby Mariposa23 » Thu Jun 22, 2023 9:03 am

I sold our cortijo last year finally after COVID delays plus waiting for the buyer to get a mortgage. During the process we had to find a flat to live in as I couldn’t manage stairs or accesss . The cortijo was still our padrón address and when I was able we still went occasionally. Over 70 now and I thought that we would not have to declare but now being told by the gestora that if we weren’t actually living there we have to do so. So now I have to find all the old documents and receipts for repairs and renovations etc ( most of which I have, luckily)
I have also been told that we cannot count buying a share in a Spanish cooperative cohousing project, as is not the same as buying another property. I have no idea what this all means in terms of what we will have to pay….enough to scupper our future plans? Bought 22 years ago, not high value so difference only really reflects money spent.
I do think that we only got the rented flat because of disability,this should not be the same as owning another house. And of course taxes are important but surely disability mus5 be a reason for the over 65 concession. I am really confused .

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