Registering with DGT (Digital Certificate)

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Registering with DGT (Digital Certificate)

Postby Beachcomber » Sun Dec 29, 2019 8:55 am

To register with DGT start from this page: ... ndex.shtml

Click on 'Alta en la DEV con Certificado'

Your Name and NIE will already be shown. Add your email and/or mobile and click 'Aceptar'.

Tick the box 'He leído y acepto las condiciones '

On the next page under the heading 'Categoria' tick the boxes called 'Comunicaciones otros servicios' and 'Sanciones' (these may already be ticked) and click 'Aceptar'.

On the next page click 'Acceso a las notificaciones'

You will receive 'Welcome' messages by SMS and email and an initial notification will appear on the DEV.

If you have a notification you will receive an email and/or SMS telling you to check the DEV or you can check directly at any time by clicking here: ... ?idioma=es

If there is nothing pending you will receive this message:

'No existe ninguna comunicación/notificación en su buzón correspondiente a los últimos 180 días. Si desea consultar sobre otro rango de fechas utilice la "Búsqueda Avanzada", para más información puede consultar la ayuda'

It may take up to a minute to access notifications so please be patient.

Please note that none of these links will work if you do not have a digital certificate.

Also please note that I have had to compile some of this information from memory as my digital certificate is already registered so I could not go through the complete procedure again.

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