Back operation

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Back operation

Postby morlandg » Mon Mar 13, 2017 7:53 am

My wife needs a second operation on her spine. She had the first one done in the UK many moons ago. She has seen the specialist in Velez Malaga hospital and also in Carlos Haya hospital. It was agreed that they would operate. She has a copy of the signed document. That was 2 years ago. A year ago she telephoned the CH hospital and was told that her appointment would be in dec/jan 2016/17. At the end of january she phoned again - to be told it would be in march. She phoned again last friday to be told april. She is being fobbed off. She phoned the contact number on the back of her andalucia tarjeta sanitaria and spoke to an interpreter who told her to check up on two legal documents which describe in spanish the laws regarding waiting time for health care in andalucia. I've printed out the documents but of course cannot translate the legal jargon. We are going to the hospital tomorrow to try and resolve this matter. Has anyone any recommendations or advice they can give us?

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