tarjeta seguridad social

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tarjeta seguridad social

Postby johnm » Tue Oct 10, 2006 4:51 pm

Has anyone applied for a Social Seguridad (Health) card for their dependent spouse since June. I obtained my card 3 years ago and since then have been tring to get one for my wife. Each time we went to the Social Security Office in Huercal Overa, we were met with the usual Spanish bureaucracy of - "the wrong type of copy etc come again with more forms". This morning, trying yet again, we were told that as of June this year, my wife does not need a card. I cannot see how this will work as the first thing asked for at hospital is the card.
Has anyone else been told of this change or are we being fobbed off once again.

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Postby Shukran » Wed Oct 11, 2006 3:34 pm

My life's been made a misery by the bureaucracy regarding the SS cards - wherever we go we're told something different. Mine's a very long story which I don't want to bore anybody with, but parts have been mentioned in previous posts.

Firstly we applied in Baza where we were renting. After numerous visits to the SS offices there they got themselves in such a mess that we were very tersely told to go to Guadix instead, even though we were living in Caniles. We paid for an interpreter each time so that we knew exactly what we were being told. They incorrectly put the wrong NIE number on the computer for me and that threw them completely. We were then told, after weeks and weeks, that my husband could have his card (he's 63 and is technically my dependent) but I couldn't have mine (I'm 61) until I had reapplied again from scratch. I'd rather fry myself slowly...! Some weeks later, guess what? I received my card and was told that my husband didn't require one because he was my dependent - we were just to use the one card between us. A couple of weeks later I received a phone call from the office asking for me to return a form I hadn't received in order to get my card, which I’d already got.

Thankfully, we then moved out of the area, but problems started up again when we went to register a few weeks ago with a doctor in Albox. We were told that as well as my card my husband HAD to have his own card and we would HAVE to go to Huercal Overa to apply for one for him, even though he's my dependent. And now you're saying that Huercal Overa say that dependents don't need one? We were due to go there soon but are still feeling delicate from all the bureaucracy so we were waiting until we got our strength back.

We feel that we're going around in circles too. :roll:
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Postby Nikvin » Wed Oct 11, 2006 4:41 pm

i really don't know whetehr dependants need one or not, but we all got one when I started employment, as this was done through the employer and a gestor, it was painless for us. I would suggest you kep at it to each get their own, as you may not always be together, should something happen, and it would be a lot easier for each of you to be able to present his/her card at the time, than go through rigmarole of later trying to prove one's rights, or avoid a large bill, especially if your Spanish isnt fluent

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Postby stellastaff » Thu Oct 12, 2006 12:05 am

All 6 of us in our family have one. Our doctor would not let us register without them even though my husband had one-he was ok! The solicitor who deals with my husbands work got the forms for mine and our childrens, I was told by the job centre (where the surgery told us we needed to go to get them) that we could not have them without residencia which is a load of tosh!!! Once we recieved them I also found out we did not have to register with the gp as it had already been done-possibly because my husband was already registered? Who knows?...

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