Selling a Property without using a Estate Agent

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Postby j4mes » Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:59 pm

scarlet wrote:My son is going to be setting me up a website to sell our house, if you want too sell yours send me details and I shall put them on, will be seen all over the world, and hopfully top of search engines.
It's a great idea in principle, however to generate interest you need to get people to see it on the site....

The guys that do my SEO (thats search engine optimisation, which is simply marketing online to ensure that a website is found when a search is conducted) reckon it would cost €5k per month, spent for 36 months before you would get a new site onto page 1 of google for property in Spain!! I know one real estate agent who was paying over €50 per click for the term (thats €50 just for someone to be directed from google to your site!!!) Fortunately for my budget, I'm not in real estate!!

Now im not suggesting you want it on page one, but your son does need to give this consideration

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House sale website

Postby ICCSL » Sat May 03, 2008 11:49 am

Yes I am acutely and painfully aware of the costs and complications of getting a website on page 1 or even 2 of google and other search engines.

The keywords have to be chosen carefully. I had a very long conversation with someone who telephoned me yesterday trying to sell me her SEO services. She told me that my site didn't even figure in the rankings for "villas for sale in Spain". I told her that this might be because we don't sell villas and actually I wouldn't want as wide a search as that made for someone who is looking for my site. If you type "villas for sale in Spain" thousands of pages will appear relative to any villa that is for sale anywhere in Spain. Since we cover Almeria and Granada areas, and most people nowadays know the area of Spain they want to explore with a view to purchase, it would seem logical that those areas appear as keywords. Having said that, my site is a shambles as far as modern, up to date, technology is concerned and it is working. It shouldn't be but it is and the only reason I can attribute to it is that it is one of the longest established sites of this type.

By far the best way for someone wanting to sell an individual property is to place it on someone's site that is high up in the rankings. It will cost a lot less than creating a new site and having to spend the money to get it suffficiently high in the rankings for it to be seen.

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