Costa de Sol Press Club - COMMUNICATOR AWARDS

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Costa de Sol Press Club - COMMUNICATOR AWARDS

Postby andalucia » Mon May 28, 2018 3:56 pm

Costa de Sol Press Club - Communicator Awards

The awards will be for work published during 2017. The period to enter yourself or nominate someone is open from May 24th and closes on 30th June 2018. Winners will be informed in early September, with a special presentation meal planned late October/early November which we would like the winners to attend as guests.

Here below are more details of the categories. This information is also in English and Spanish on our website at:-

1. Who can enter?

The awards are open to professionals in the media industry with a significant editorial aspect to their work and who have strong links to, or involvement in, the international community resident on the Costa del Sol. These are the southern Spanish foreign-media community’s own awards so please support them by entering and spreading the word.

They cover all aspects of journalism and content provision, including print newspapers and magazines, books, online digital, photography, multimedia and social media.

Entries are permitted in any language spoken by the nationalities in the Costa Press Club, which are currently:- English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Finnish.

It is important to stress that entries are very welcome from non-members too in these languages who have a proven link to the foreign-resident community on the Costa del Sol and southern Spain.

Entries must have been published between 1st January 2017 and 31st December 2017.

2. What categories and prizes are there?

This year we are offering two core categories and up to two awards can be made in each:-

Category One:

Current affairs/topical issues/comment and opinion.
All media (press, visual, spoken, new media etc.), 2 awards worth 300 euros each award.

Category Two:

Lifestyle/leisure and other genres.
All media (press, visual, spoken, new media etc.), 2 awards worth 300 euros each award.

Note: Entrants can choose to specify and enter one of these categories in particular or leave it to the judges to decide which category.

3. How will the judging work?

Although the Costa Press Club operates mostly in English and some Spanish, we want to stimulate a full sense of international community on the Costa del Sol and will welcome submissions in other languages this year.

In order to ensure a fair and interesting competition in a multinational environment, the judging will be carried out in the following way, and the Costa Press Club Committee thank all members and entrants in advance for their support and understanding of this process.

An initial judging panel for each language consisting of 2-3 independent native speakers with no close personal ties to the entrants and who have experience in communications in that language will first evaluate each piece, producing a report and a points-based evaluation which will be submitted to the Costa Press Club Committee for a final evaluation of entries between all languages and selection of the winner.

In addition to quality and strength of language (written, spoken or visual, (if a photograph or video)), judges will be asked to rate 1) the quality of preparation or original research, 2) how far the submitted piece meets its objective with the audience of the medium of publication, and 3) overall impact (X factor).

Entrants are welcome to submit an optional supporting summary note of their entry with additional background information if they wish (this should be in English or Spanish and no more than 300 words).

There will be up to two cash prize winners in each category. The Committee reserves the right to declare any of the categories or prizes within them void if necessary. The names of the initial judges in each language will be available on request at the end of the process.
4. How do I enter?
Send your entry or nomination of another person with a copy of the piece being submitted to [email protected] before 30th June 2018.

Entrants who are not members of the club should specify in English or Spanish their links to the international community on the Costa del Sol when submitting their entry, with name, contact details and any additional optional information on their entry up to 300 words which they wish to submit. If you are nominating someone else you do not of course need to give contact details of the person you are nominating nor do you necessarily need to tell the person you are nominating them.

The actual work being submitted can be in English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Finnish (or no language, if it is visual communication).

If media organisations wish to enter they should enter the work of individual contributors (as many as they wish).

Each individual can submit up to three entries as examples of their work.

If you have any questions:
Please email the Committee on [email protected]

And finally…

The Young Communicator Award

After last-year’s successful inaugural year, we will again be making an award to a young person who shows great promise. There will be one award and a cash prize of 150 euros.
Anyone aged 19 years or under who lives on the Costa del Sol can enter a piece of writing, visual media or content and be considered for this award. It should be in English or Spanish only for this category.

If you have a favourite school to contact, we encourage you to send us details of the school AND email of the contact person (we won’t be researching individual teacher’s contact details so please provide it or we may not contact the school). Please also encourage people you know to nominate student reporters, young bloggers, young YouTubers etc. As long as the young person’s work was displayed in the school at a public event during 2017 (or online or in public elsewhere) then it qualifies to enter.

We hope you agree that these are exciting enhancements to the awards this year and we look forward to receiving your entries by 30th June.

The Costa Press Club Committee

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