Childrens get together Summer 2018 and other advice

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Childrens get together Summer 2018 and other advice

Postby Gecko » Sun Jul 08, 2018 9:28 pm

We have recently bought a house in the cortes area and are heading there during the summer. We will be making a permanent move there in 2019. We have two girls aged 9 and 5 and are looking for any kids activities in the area that would be good for them to meet some other kids in the area, so that when we move and they start school they will have already got to know some people. If anyone has any ideas or knows whats going on during the summer or live in cortes area and would be keen to meet up and for our kids to meet then I would love to hear from you. Also if anyone had any advice to start preparing them for starting school in Spanish as non Spanish speakers or your experiences I would be very grateful to hear.
Although they are used to living overseas spending their entire lives in Africa and South America and we all are very excited about the move, we are a little apprehensive for the kids more so the older one on how she will cope with school etc. Thanks appreciate any advice!

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