Residencia sin co pago

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Residencia sin co pago

Postby bbobandannie » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:08 pm

We changed our health insurance last year to the dearer policy descriibed as being "sin co pago" and acceptable for residencia applications, (Caser Activa) Now, as we come to apply, our gestor states that the small print includes Co pago for psychology, max €8. Not a lot but she says the police in malaga will not accept it. Been told by various agents that this is rubbish and there is no policy from anyone without this same clause.
Anyone know if this is the case?

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Re: Residencia sin co pago

Postby elusive » Mon Feb 03, 2020 8:25 pm

Have you googled other polices and see if you can download the T&C etc. Personally i would think they are more bothered about co payment for physical issues rather than mental ones. Use it to apply and see wht happens. They can only say no!

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Re: Residencia sin co pago

Postby 1bassleft » Thu Feb 06, 2020 3:43 am

Ask them to send you a certificate, a single A4 page listing what you're covered for SIN PAGO. AFAIK, our certificate made no mention of psychologia, and our friend's certainly didn't (same Co.), neither did the ejemplo certificate sent by our paper monkeys as an example of what we needed. As an added precaution, they advised we also brought proof of payment, but I didn't notice this even being glanced at. I did go to the local branch to have the emailed certificate signed (illegibly).

We had a brief alarm, and the official went to see the supervisor, but I realized she couldn't find the words 'sin pago' and once their presence was pointed out to her it was all hunky dory. I don't think anyone at the desk wants to read through all the policy T+Cs, they just want an easy single with all the usual medicals covered, unlimited and all on the insurance's back.

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