Museo Anita Avila, Loja

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Museo Anita Avila, Loja

Postby BENIDORM » Mon Jan 30, 2023 6:02 pm

Another museum worthy of a visit ( apart from mine ), :D is the Museo Anita Avila situated in Loja, Granada Province.
The theme of the museum is of a local family of Loja starting about 100 years ago, it follows the history of the family from the beginning of a butcher shop to the modern times.
It also has a beautiful very large 'belen ' style display with minature houses etc depicting Loja and the surrounding area, also a good display of the art work and pottery sculptures from Anita Avila.
Worth a visit, the entry fee for the foundation is 2 euros and 1 euro for pensioners and children.
more information at
Also ajacent to this museum is the Museo del Agua, another place of interest, and may I suggest that you visit the lojaturismo site for other interesting museums and churches etc in Loja.
And please note if you visit loja you are only about 10 minutes from Museo Gordon and my kettle is always on if you would like a cup of tea... :wave:

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