MIB/ MIB2 VAG repair Andalucia

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MIB/ MIB2 VAG repair Andalucia

Postby olive » Sun Mar 17, 2024 6:43 pm

MiB is the box of tricks on VAG cars, that controls , among other things, sound, sat nav, music play.

It seems to be a common source of problems and in the UK there are specialists that do repair. You specify the problem e.g. one channel missing on their menu drop down box. Remove the MIB send it off and two or three days later, it comes back repaired and costs maybe 300 plus carriage. Or you can turn up on appointment and they remove and refit.

I can only find Tamscar-audio in Madrid that offer similar. Too far away and logistically not sound re carriage.

Does anyone know of a similar repair outfit here in Andalucia? I don’t mind travelling.

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