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The Budwing team are here to care for you.

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There's a lot to take in if you or someone you love has recently been diagnosed with cancer. You may be offered a vast choice of treatment options - each with its own warning - that any cancer treatment can be as harsh, painful, and debilitating as the disease itself.

At the Budwig Center, we'd like to give you a different choice: the chance to integrate the best cancer treatments with a natural, holistic approach. We offer you The Budwig Protocol: an individualized approach to optimizing health and cancer treatments on Costa del Sol at an approved cancer clinic located in Torremolinos, Spain.

Interestingly, The Budwig Protocol tackles symptoms and conditions that many people have to battle, not just cancer patients. So we have seen the need to provide specialized programs that cater to these issues and make them available to those who do not necessarily have cancer.

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What is The Budwig Protocol?

The Budwig Protocol incorporates the best evidence from all branches of medicine across all cultures. The protocol is based on the work and research of the renowned German biochemist and author, Dr. Johanna Budwig. By following her methods and combining them with the latest discoveries in natural medicine, we have helped countless people tackle cancer and other illnesses for almost 20 years. Please take a moment to consider some heartfelt testimonials.

Our mission is to address the reasons, the contributing factors to the disease. With this holistic approach, our focus is not just the illness itself but rather the entire person.

To accomplish this, we need to look at the following issues:

  • Each person's capacity to eliminate toxins.
  • Pathogens disrupting their health (virus, bacteria, parasites, and fungus).
  • We identify what may be comprising the immune system. Factors such as mental and emotional stress, lack of proper sleep, unbalanced gut flora, etc.
  • We consider the nutrition and hydration needs of the patient as well as cellular oxygenation.


The Budwig Protocol is an approach that begins with the most straightforward changes: healthy living, nutrient-rich foods specific for the individual. We also incorporate treatments and therapies such as heat therapy, lymph, kidney detoxing, bioresonance, and many others that are compatible with the protocol.

What Happens at The Budwig Center?

We use a range of assessments and examinations to help establish which kinds of treatments will work best for individuals, considering not only the disease but the person as a whole. The Budwig Center is one of the few alternative cancer clinics in the world that use the incredible Cell Electrohydraulic machine and the Four-in-One device, both of which produce excellent results.

We begin by examining the patient's medical records and performing our own total body personalized tests. The results of the tests help us to determine the most effective remedies and therapies appropriate for each person's case. To learn about the treatments and therapies we use, click here.

We want your time at the Budwig Center to feel like a retreat: you will have assessments and treatments, but you will also be on a holiday for your health. Our clients fly in from around the world to sunny Torremolinos on Spain's beautiful Costa Del Sol. It's easy to find affordable Lodging just a few minutes from the clinic, which contributes to your enjoyment of the comfortable and picturesque surroundings.

People recuperate best when they're enjoying their lives, and we've seen that many come to us because they have a deep desire to live a quality and vibrant life - to the greatest extent possible. Additionally, we encourage our patients to bring a partner or friend for company and support. We urge all our visitors to make sure they take some time (after sessions and on weekends) to enjoy the local culture and surroundings.

I'm Starting Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy - Can The Budwig Center Still Help?

Absolutely! Our approach can work alongside conventional cancer treatments to promote total health. We encourage anyone interested in the Budwig method to talk to their cancer specialist to help work out the best way to integrate conventional and complementary therapies.

We are integrative practitioners: we can choose the best treatment for the individual without being restricted by rigid protocols.

Can The Budwig Center Help Me Even If I can't Travel To The Clinic?

Yes! Our preventative principles of body detox and healthy living can be followed at home. For those with a cancer diagnosis, we have a range of comprehensive home treatment packages that provide the most effective natural treatments and remedies for the best chance of improvement and recovery.

Our dedicated advisors are on hand to answer any of your questions every step of the way.

We also encourage you to subscribe to our free bi-monthly newsletter loaded with vital information on natural cancer treatments. As a gift to all subscribers, we provide you with the Budwig Guide, which is filled with all the information you need to get your started. Click here to subscribe.


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