The peaceful streets of Dúdar © Michelle Chaplow
The peaceful streets of Dúdar


This lovely village is just 15 kilometres from Granada city, located in the valley between the Sierra Nevada and Sierra de Huétor mountain ranges.

If you’re looking for a charming village that has not yet succumbed to modern architectural designs, then this is just the place for you. Wander the streets to enjoy the pretty, traditional Andalusian buildings, visit the well maintained 17th century church and see the 19th century “Canal de los Franceses” leftover from Napoleon’s invasion of Spain.

Expect good, simple, country cuisine in Dudar where the specialities are local stews or a good plate of “papas con bacalao” (potatoes with cod).

Shopping for locally produced souvenirs would involve ceramics, embroidered items, rugs and tapestries.

In addition to all the traditional Spanish festivals, the patron saint days of Dudar are celebrated in February when the village goes all out with numerous events and special activities. Consult the town hall for more information.

To reach Dudar, take the A-395 towards Sierra Nevada, then follow the GR-SE-39 until you reach the town.

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