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Andalucia is a suberb place for outdoor activities and sports.

Recreation & Sports in Andalucia

Andalucia with summer sunshine and mild winters is one of the best destinations in the world for sports and outdoor activities.

Whether you want high-adrenalin extreme sports adventure tour - on snow, ground or water; wind or gas-fuel-driven; to get about on two wheels or two legs; taking to the air; or calmer, but no less… More →

Recreation and Sports in Andalucia


Sports facilities in Andalucía vary considerably depending on the town or region. They are usually excellent in the major cities and resort areas, although sparse in more rural regions and villages. Municipal sports complexes, known as polideportivos ('multisports'), are located in the larger towns/cities and there are many private country clubs, sports centres and gymnasiums, most of which allow guests to use their facilities. Several of the larger hotels on the Costa del Sol also have gymnasiums open only to guests and members.

All community developments or urbanisations have swimming pools, and many also have tennis courts and other sports facilities. The overall cost of participation in sports is reasonable when compared to most other European countries.

Obviously, the sports facilities on the Costa del Sol are tourist driven, particularly regarding golf and water sports. It is the climate, of course, that makes outdoor sports here so popular year round.

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