Living in Andalucía - Marine Insurance

Insure your Vessel, Equipment, Crew and Marine Activities in Southern Spain

Boating is big business in Andalucia where sea lovers from around the world congregate in the region’s ports. Marine insurance is, therefore, easy to obtain in this region with major, well known providers offering top quality products.

Basic marine insurance policies are designed to provide coverage for both the vessel and also third party liability. However, coverage is also available for auxiliary equipment such as boat trailers and both diving and sporting equipment, fishing gear and personal effects. A wide variety of activities – like waterskiing, racing and chartering – can also be covered by marine insurance in southern Spain. Finally, those staffing their boat with employees will also be interested in taking out insurance to cover their crew members.

If you live on your boat and would like to ensure it as a houseboat, that is also possible. And you can have your policy adapted to include specific worldwide territorial limits as well.

The key is that you can obtain full, professional insurance for your boat directly from national and international companies offering you personalised service right to your port of call in Andalucia.