All Eyes on the Road

Fasten your seat belts and keep your eyes fixed to the road. The Traffic department is starting a new campaign today which runs through the 25th of November. As is the custom, the Dirección General de Tráfico has chosen a single topic to emphasise in order to raise public awareness and this time the theme of choice is "Distraction" - with a capital D. Would you believe that nearly 700 deaths on Spanish roads this past year could be classified as "death by distraction" - in other words, agents believe the accident was caused simply by not paying attention to the road. As campaigners point out, just a quick three second distraction can mean travelling about 100 metres without watching where you're going. The excuse that we're "simply human" is hardly acceptable when the cause of an accident is fiddling with a mobile telephone, fumbling around for a CD, plugging in the MP3, eating or "putting on makeup" (just one item at the top of the Guardia Civil's warning list). Guardia Civil will be especially on the lookout for people using their mobile telephones, as this is punishable by law (and can cost you 3 points off your new license), but they say they'll also take advantage of the campaign to make people aware of other dangerous behaviours. The overall panorama on Spanish roads is improving this year, but let's not let our guard down. There are still far too many accidents resulting in injury and death. So many distractions are so simple to avoid. So, let's give it our all and take this opportunity to adopt better habits on the road. cipro poisoining brookstone soma pillow cialis levia and viagra viagra frequency of priapism
Blog published on 12 November 2008