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Andalucia.com - Research Tips

Research Tips

You may be using andalucia.com to find information about Andalucia in anticipation of a visit or a holiday in the region. On the other hand, it may be that you now live here and are looking for information to help you enjoy a new life in this part of the world. Alternatively, you could simply be researching for educational purposes.


To gain a firm grasp on the thinking behind Andalucía.com, you must begin by recognising that every topic on the site has a subject, a place, and perhaps a time as follows:

We have 15 main subject headings at Andalucia.com, listed at the top of every page. Choosing one of these leads you to the main page of the section, which lists numerous related subjects. Chose the one most relevant to your search.

Alternatively you can search by place. To find a place, click on the Destinations heading on the home page or at the top of any other page.

We offer links here to the nine major cities, to descriptive pages on the eight provinces, and four Costas, plus many other popular pages. To look for a smaller locations, look on the villages pages.

There is also an A to Z gazetteer of geographical place names with a comprehensive selection of links to those places and areas covered by andalucia.com.

If you are looking for an event, whether it is a one-off event or regular event also try our calendar section.

Here main events and musical events are listed month by month. These are fully updated during the month prior to the event. Last years listings are retained so you can judge what to expect. Regular events in towns are listed separately.


We encourage you to look for information both by subject and place.

You can also use Google to search through the 11,300 pages from our website plus the 30,000 forum topic threads that this search engine has indexed.

Our Directory is an alphabetical listing of Services.

Andalucia.com Forum
If you cannot find the information required for a service wanted try posting in our forum.

Information Suggestions
If you have come across a page with an error, or incorrect/out of date information then please let us know by filling in the form on our information suggestions page.

If you wish to advertise with us then please use the form on our advertising page.

As a commercial website and not a tourist board we are unable to answer individual questions. However, our editorial team is guided by requests posted on the notice boards.

If you are a regular visitor to our website you may be interested in the page of recently added pages.