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Arts & Crafts of Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow
Arts & Crafts of Andalucia © Michelle Chaplow


Andalucia has produced some of the world's greatest painters - Picasso and Velazquez, to name but two. From internationally-renowned art to skilled craftsmen who produce exquisite silver, leather and ceramic pieces in their workshops using centuries-old techniques.

Many towns will have their own traditional handmade pieces, made in typical local style, displayed outside houses for easy browsing, whether fashioned from oak or chestnut wood, esparto grass, or cork. You're often buying straight from the producer, with all proceeds going to the local economy.

You can discover much about Andalucia by visiting some of its myriad museums, with collections varying from cars and wine to bullfighting, Mudejar architecture to the Holy Inquisition. And of course art aficionados will be delighted by the galleries, from Fine Arts Museums in the cities showing Golden Age religious art, to weekend art fairs in towns.

Those who tastes veer more towards the contemporary will find world-class exhibitions of painting and photography in Malaga and Almeria.

Art Galleries

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Andalucian Goya

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Contemporary Artists

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Gold and Silversmiths

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Painting for Pleasure

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Picture Framing

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The pottery of Malaga is famous for its metallic tones.
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Works of Art

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