Antiques in Andalucia

by Josephine Quintero

A "rastro" or flea market in Andalucia Slabs of oak doors, antique brass hardware, traditional Castilian sideboards and those wonderful dark wood chairs, upholstered in leather with brass studs. Spanish antiques are distinctive and decorative and can still be found at relatively inexpensive prices, although you have to be prepared to spend time searching for those real bargain basement pieces.

Weekend "rastros" (flea markets) are a good place to start and take place in most major Andalusian cities (as well as several towns). If you know what you are looking for you can often be lucky here, as well as negotiate the price.

Yet another source are the antique shops and second hand dealers located throughout the province where you can find all kinds of items, as well as request a search on a particular piece you may be looking for. Finally, be sure to watch for house auctions being advertised in the weekly newspaper because, as we all know well - one man's rubbish is another man's riches!

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