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Handmade guitars
Handmade guitars

The guitar and Spain go together like hand and glove. In fact, Spain was the birthplace of the modern six-string guitar, it being based upon a similar Islamic stringed instrument. The guitar is the multi-voiced accompaniment of choice in the art of flamenco and it adds so much to the emotion and spectacle that fuels this passionate gypsy music.

Granada is Spain's centre for guitar production, followed by Seville, Cordoba and Almeria. Spanish hand-made guitars are known the world over for their intricate construction and bell-like sound.

The instruments created by its craftsmen are renowned for their fine quality and precious woods. These artists take their work seriously and spend their lives perfecting their craft, always looking to improve upon their latest creation in one form or another. They are at the pinnacle of the the guitar-maker's art.

So if you play or even if you just have an appreciation for fine workmanship, stop by one of their workshops and see how their passion can be turned into the creation of such works of functional beauty. You'll be glad you did.