hand-carved wooden furniture © Michelle Chaplow
Creating hand-carved wooden furniture

Rustic Hand Carving

The sturdy, rustic, traditional Andalucian furniture, is slowly disappearing, while today's cabinet makers are now producing more stylish, luxurious and ornamental pieces. The two styles are currently produced throughout the region, as well as classic types of furniture. Local techniques and woods give these pieces their own unique personality.

The craftsmen of the town of Ronda, in Malaga Province, have created a contemporary line of classical Spanish furniture as well as a style of semi-rustic furniture which is sober and elegant in design. Crafts work in Granada is famous for the combination of gems and incrustations of noble materials such as ivory and bone.

The taracea inlay technique is part of the region's rich Arabic heritage, ingeniously combining tiny chips of differently-coloured wood and other materials, and is one of Granada's most distinctive art forms.

Lucena is the most famous town in Andalucia for furniture. Local cottage industry craftsmanship does still exist but you are more likely to find modern factory showrooms selling direct to the public at very reasonable prices.

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