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Beauty, Self-care, Spas and Rejuvenate

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Pamper Yourself

Beauty, Self-care, Spas and Rejuvenate

Andalucia is the perfect destination to pamper your mind, body and soul. The warm Mediterranean climate of Andalucia is so enticing for relaxing, personal development, and it's even becoming a fashionable destination to sneak away for a little "nip and tuck". With an extensive range of spas, retreats, private clinics and alternative health professionals based in this beautiful part of the world, it's no surprise that celebrities also love the area.

Spa Resorts

Take a break by taking advantage of some of Andalucia's spa resorts. More >

Beauty Clinics & Spas

Andalucia offers a range of excellent beauty clinics and spas More >


What? In sunny, southern spain? Yes, solariums are popular here too. More >

Tattos & Piercings

All the rage, and you will find plenty of artists in operation along the coast. More >

Jacuzzis, Saunas & Steam Rooms

The medical benefits of jacuzzi spas, saunas and steam rooms. More >


A guide to the different types of retreats available. More >


There must be a hair salon on every corner, but not all services are equal. More >

Centres & Nail Salons

There are specialists manicure centres in Andalucia. More >


Andalucia attracts numerous anti-aging professionals offering top treatments. More >

Arab Baths

Traditional baths, of hammam, have returned to Andalucia. More >

Cosmetic Surgery

Andalucia has recently put itself firmly on the map for this type of treatment. More >

Personal Training

How many times have you started a new fitness regime and soon lost interest? More >

Lifestyle & Health Courses

An extensive range of lifestyle courses are offered in Andalucia More >

Living in Andalucia