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Living in Andalucia

Estepona is located on the coast about 20km west of Marbella. The town has a bypass for through traffic along the coast. The town is best entered from the east (slip road off A-7 coastal highway then under bridge) or from the west turn right at 'Estepona' km 152 roundabout by Shell petrol station.You will now be entering the town via the old coast road.

Estepona has a varied selection of restaurants both in the town itself and in the surrounding areas. In the cobbled streets of the old town you will find many good quality tapas bars and restaurants, serving the very best of authentic, traditional generally serving Spanish cuisine. In the summer evenings the terraces are full of diners.

The village centre has several small squares; Plaza de la Iglesia, La Plaza de las Quebradas, and Paseo de los Alcaldes. Plaza de la Iglesia (Church square) also known as Plaza del Ayuntamiento (Town Hall square) is well worth taking a walk through the town to see this quiet, pretty square (without any cafes) where you can see the church, town hall, and Fuente de Consejo public water fountain.

Zufre is described as 'a white village hidden amongst the clouds and nature' and is just an hour's drive north of Seville, in the middle of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche natural park in the province of Huelva. Its population is 1.000. Due to its geographical situation and altitude at 450m, the colder winter months see an average temperature of 10ºC and in summer the average is 25ºC.

Zufre is a small village and does not have any large hotels. Casa Vesta with terrace, infinity pool, 360 views, private parking is certainly one of the leading small boutique hotels in Andalucia. It is located just on the edge of the village so it is easy to wander around.

This quaint village is located a short drive from the local main town of Aracena, and has steep, cobbled streets. The village, with a population of 300, lies at 500m above sea level, and has been declared of cultural interest by the regional government. It is a very medieval-looking village, built on the side of a steep hill, without many public spaces.

Arroyomolinos de León is at 609m above sea level, with a population of about 1000. It is located east of Cañaveral de León within the Natural Park of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche on the border between Huelva province and Extremadura region, offering beautiful natural scenery. Like Cañaveral de León.

This town is a few kilometres from the border with the region of Extremadura and the province of Badajoz. Its population is about 1300. Cala is within the Parque Natural de la Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche. The name Cala comes from the Latin word callentum meaning beautiful.

Cañaveral de León is located within the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park to the north of Aracena and only one kilometre from the Extramadura border. It has a population of about 400. The centre of Cañaveral de León boasts typical Andalusian-style houses along cobbled streets, as well as several mansions that are beautifully preserved.

Along with the sun, sea and sand attracting people to Marbella and the Costa del Sol, ‘La Cañada' shopping centre is another huge attraction for tourists and inhabitants alike. It was built by ‘General de Galerías Comerciales'.

Andalucia is not alone in its quest for the convenience of large out-of-town shopping centres or commercial centres ( centros comerciales) . Over the past five years shopping centres in Andalucia have become increasingly prevalent and in Andalucia today they form an integral part of most peoples’ shopping experience.

Shopping in Málaga is a fascinating mix of the old and the new. Years ago shopping for the malagueños was a fairly parochial, low-key affair but economic booms and the increase in tourism, has resulted in more contemporary and chic shopping options, including international chains and shopping malls.

Torrenueva Costa is a municipal district created in 2 October 2018 and formerly part of Motril. It has three districts called El Varadero, La Chucha and Carchuna. The name of Torrenueva is taken from a 17th century watchtower.