Collect Corner, Sotogrande

Collect Corner Sotogrande - Never miss a delivery again.
Collect Corner Sotogrande - Never miss a delivery again.

Collect Corner, Sotogrande

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Collect Corner Sotogrande is a parcel collection pick-up point - clients have their package sent to the address, knowing that someone will receive and safely store it. Customers can then pick it up their package(s) when it is convenient. Unreliable deliveries mean we often stay in unnecessarily waiting for a package, which can disrupt our plans. With this service, the client decides when to collect their parcel.

Additionally, clients can use Collect Corner’s phone number as the delivery contact (usually required for deliveries in Spain), ideal for those without a Spanish phone number.


Why would I need the service?

We are all shopping online with increasing frequency these days, but the issue of deliveries can present all sort of problems.

This is a convenient service for those who are out at work during the day or enjoying their time around Sotogrande, San Roque, Alcaidesa and Gibraltar, and would prefer to collect a parcel on their way home, and for those who cannot be at home at the scheduled delivery time.

In addition, the service avoids time wasted while waiting at home for a delivery to arrive, especially when the driver misses the scheduled time, or changes it. Other situations include that the delivery service might not be able to locate the property, especially if it is in an urbanización (residential development) or rural area; they might fail to deliver the parcel at the property as instructed, if they mistakenly assume that no one is in at the time; or they might leave it outside the property, unprotected, or even throw it over a gate or fence causing damage.


How does it work?

Once the package has been delivered to Collect Corner, conveniently located in Sotogrande, the package is scanned, and clients are notified via email with a QR code, meaning that ID is not required to collect it. Security at the location is excellent, with full alarm protection, so packages are stored safely with complete peace of mind.

Clients can then collect the package at their convenience, from the facility just off the A-7 Autovia de Mediterráneo motorway (km1094), next Agora Sotogrande. There is ample free parking available, as well as an electric car charging point. Collect Corner is very popular with Sotogrande International School families who pick up their parcels on the way to and from the school.

“As it’s nearly impossible to get a delivery in this area, we decided to come up with something unique to solve the problem,” explains co-founder and Sotogrande resident Ana Silva. “We decided to explore the concept and create something unique - a subscription service whereby clients use our address as their shipping address, all the shopping comes to us, and we let them know when it arrives.” We also created a pleasant retail environment where clients come to an actual shop instead of a warehouse, which has been very well received by our customers.”

Collect Corner Sotogrande is also a DHL Service Point which allows clients to send parcels and documents worldwide, including passports to the UK.

Who uses the service?

This service is perfect for many different profiles of customer:

  • year-round residents
  • regular visitors who own a holiday property and visit a few times a year, plus their friends and guests. They can send items for their house to be collected when they arrive
  • property owners who rent out their property, and can offer this as a convenient service for their tenants
  • businesses who want peace of mind for important deliveries – it’s like their reception point for parcels
  • for Gibraltar residents, Collect Corner is located only 28km from The Rock. Delivery of orders to the British Overseas Territory can be complicated, so this solution means they can collect deliveries and then take them into Gibraltar.

How much does it cost?

Collection Corner offers monthly (€30) and annual (€199) plans for personal use, as well as business subscriptions (€500/year).

Use code ANDALUCIA for a 10% discount on our personal plans exclusively for readers. Subscribe now at

Key Holding Service – NEW

Collect Corner also offers a secure key holding service for your property. Lodge an unmarked set of keys with at Collect Corner and upon digital code request we make them available to you, visiting guests, family, tradesmen or anyone you designate.

Emergencies happen at any time; locked out of you house or car, left the keys behind. Collect Corner make the keys available to you 24/7. For pick up outside of opening hours, a call out charge will apply. The secure keyholding service costs 25 Euros per month or 200 Euros per year.

Collect Corner Sotogrande is a parcel collection pick-up point

Opening Hours

Weekdays 9.00 - 19.00 hrs,
Saturday 9.00 - 14.00 hrs,
Sunday and bank holidays closed.


Tel: +34 676 431 843 (WhatsApp)


Centro Comercial Mar y Sol, local 3.9, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz
Centro Comercial Mar y Sol, local 3.9, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz


Centro Comercial Mar y Sol, local 3.9, 11310 Sotogrande, Cádiz