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Health and Health Services in Andalucia

Andalucia is the perfect destination to pamper your mind, body and soul. The warm Mediterranean climate of Andalucia is so enticing for relaxing, personal development, and it's even becoming a fashionable destination to sneak away for a little "nip and tuck". With an extensive range of spas, retreats, private clinics and alternative health professionals based in this beautiful part of the world, it's no surprise that celebrities also love the area.

There are a large number of private health clinics in Andalucia. Most towns will have a number of specialist doctors practices or health clinics. The equivalent in the state system is called '… More →

If conventional piercing - ears, that is - is what you are after, then visit your local Chemist for reliable and hygienic treatment. If the chemist nearest you doesn't perform this operation, he… More →

Swimming pools are a standard feature of life in southern Spain. It’s easier to find an apartment complex with a pool than without one. Most villas have their own pools and, in addition to pools,… More →
Primary Care Centres - Centros de Atención Primaria (CAP) in Spanish - are located throughout big cities as well as towns and villages across Andalucia. This is where you will meet your General… More →

Spending your leisure time or holidays caring for your health is becoming more and more popular nowadays. This may be a cure for a medical condition, or an escape from the stress and anxiety that… More →

Believe it or not there are tanning shops in Spain. The general idea here however, is to buy a 'bono', which allows you to pre-pay for a certain number of sessions as opposed to paying for a… More →

The National Institute of Social Security (better known to everyone as the INSS) is the body that recognizes the right to Social Security Health Care. They have a network of offices throughout… More →

Every year in Spain around 8,000 people see their lives improved thanks to a very efficient and effective organ donor programme. There is a national organ transplant coordination centre, but alot… More →

Andalucia has one of the highest levels of organ donor participation in Spain and possibly Europe. This is measured by the percentage of the population that agrees to donate organs and tissues of… More →

An optician is a professional who works with a prescription provided by an optometrist or an ophthamologist (who is a medical doctor) in order to provide you with the perfect glasses or contact… More →

In Andalucia the acronym SAS is more likely to conjure up images of healthcare than air travel. It stands for Servicio Andaluz de Salud, or Andalucian Health Service and is run by the regional… More →

It is true that babies are born every day, around the world. It is not true, however, that they are born in the same way or under the same conditions. In fact, both material standards of living… More →

Physiotherapy is the application of therapeutic massage and manipulation, which treats an array of musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions. Physiotherapists are fully trained and qualified… More →

Farmacias (chemists) may be identified by a neon lit green cross and will provide most medicines, including some, such as antibiotics, without a prescription. They will also give advice about… More →

Many people still consider having a personal trainer as a luxury beyond their means. This could not be further from the truth. Whether you are a regular exerciser looking for fresh inspiration or… More →

Medical hotels and medical spas in Andalucia and particularly on the Costa del Sol provide luxury accommodation and personalised service to guests who wish to improve health, wellness and well… More →

You can find specialist nail salons in Andalucia providing leading edge technology in the field of; Manicures, Pedicures and Nail Extensions for hand and foot beauty. New technologies include,… More →

Following is a sampling of the type of courses you can find being offered at different locations throughout the Costa del Sol and by various providers, at any given time. Do take the time to check… More →

The beneficial effects of spa bathing have been known for many years and those who have had the pleasure of using the spa have discovered a rejuvenating and revitalising experience. Most people… More →

The quality of health care and hospital facilities in Andalucia (and throughout Spain) is generally of a high standard. Progress is always being made and in January 2005, it was announced that… More →

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