Andalucia Health Service - Help Line

Andalucia Health Service - Help Line

Public Telephone Helpline: +34 955 54 50 60

The SAS (Servicio Andaluz de Salud) public health helpline is perhaps the greatest service this organisation provides us with.

In principle you should be able to get help and obtain all kinds of information in English, thanks to an interpreter service.

ClicSalud+ is the online help service which chan be accessed form a web browser or an app.


Ring the helpline on 955 545 060 for answers to any question regarding public health in Andalucia as well as for information regarding special health "plans and programmes" such as stop-smoking programmes, "heatwave plans" or the mobile telephone medical monitoring service. Basically for anything you hear about that you think might somehow relate to you and you want to know more - this is the number to call. Remember, the service operates 24-hours a day, so you can ring at any time of the night or day to find out where to go and what to do in the case of any non-emergency situation. (For emergencies, ring 112.)



Making Appointments

The regional helpline also promises that you can make appointments with your GP or paediatrician by simply calling this one number from wherever you are in southern Spain. However, this service is actually subject to the technological set up and workings at your local health clinic. If for some reason your local clinic is not connected, or a server is down or some other excuse exists, you'll find that these wonderful promises won't be kept. It is, however, worth a try.

Second Opinions

If you have been diagnosed with an illness and you wish for a second opinion, particularly regarding the treatment you've been prescribed, you may be eligible to obtain that second opinion through the regional health services. Once again 902 505 060 is the number to call as the helpline also serves as the central operator for this service. Here you can find out which illnesses are covered by the legal "right to a second opinion" and what you have to do in order to gain access to the the opinion of a panel of doctors who would review your case and make recommendations.

Waiting Lists

This helpline is also your first line of information regarding public health waiting lists.