Primary Care Centres


Primary Care Health Centres.

Primary Care Centres - Centros de Atención Primaria (CAP) in Spanish - are located throughout big cities as well as towns and villages across Andalucia. This is where you will meet your General Practitioner (GP) or Médico de Família and it is also where you will find a wide range of other services. However, the actual range of services depends on the centre, as those serving smaller villages may depend on larger centres for specialists, technologies and public health programmes.

These are the basic services that are provided by the primary care network in southern Spain:

As everywhere, in Andalucia anyone with injuries such as deep cuts, gashes or burns is advised to get a tetanus vaccine, particularly if they can't remember when they had their last vaccination.… More →

If you are taking oral anti-coagulants (medication to avoid blood-clotting), doctors at your local health clinic are responsible to keep an eye on your general health and to evaluate your risk… More →

If you are a smoker, beware that your family doctor in Andalucia has an eye out for you! As part of the stop-smoking programme in this part of Spain, doctors at local clinics are supposed to ask… More →

Paediatric care begins the day your baby is born. Newborn babies must have the heel prick test at 5 to 7 days. This involves making an appointment - which hopefully you can do by ringing the… More →

Some types of minor surgeries are carried out at local health clinics. Situations where minor surgery would take place at your local clinic include abscesses, ingrown nails, warts, cysts and other… More →

If you have chronic conditions that require you to take more than five different medications for six months or more, the Andalucian Public Health System considers you to be a "multi-medication… More →

General Practitioners across Andalucia usually carry out the initial exams to determine if COPD could be a problem. From there patients are supposed to receive help managing their disease and even… More →

There are a number of instances in which doctors or nurses can be sent to your home. Technically this is something that should be offered to you in times of need, however, in practice you're… More →

This programme is, above everything else, supposed to be confidential. If you think you could be at-risk for exposure to HIV, visit your family doctor to ask about testing. In theory, testing is… More →

Patients with high blood pressure will find help managing this chronic condition at their local public health clinic. In order to ensure standardised, quality care across our region, doctors have… More →

Healthcare workers as well as prison staff, policemen, fire fighters and street cleaners are all expected to get this jab. Anyone who has multiple sex partners should talk to their doctor about… More →

Generally, family doctors in primary care centres see patients over the age of 7 years. However, there is the option for parents to sign up children aged 7 to 14 if they prefer their family doctor… More →

Every autumn health officials across southern Spain start to rally their forces for the annual flu jab campaign. As a norm, Andalucia has enough flu vaccines for everyone in need.

If you are looking for family planning services, look no further than your local public health clinic. As usual start with your family doctor, who is in charge of offering initial guidance and… More →

If you have diabetes when you arrive in Andalucia, you need to see your new family doctor in order to be evaluated so that you can get yourself into the public system's programme for treatment.

Women between the ages of 50 and 65 have the right to breast cancer screening, including a mammogram, every two years. Local health clinics participate in the breast cancer screening programme,… More →

In Andalucia doctors at local health clinics are supposed to be on the lookout for patients with asthma. If you show signs of asthma, your doctor may order tests, for example the non-invasive… More →

Swimming pools are a standard feature of life in southern Spain. It’s easier to find an apartment complex with a pool than without one. Most villas have their own pools and, in addition to pools,… More →

Primary Care Centres - Centros de Atención Primaria (CAP) in Spanish - are located throughout big cities as well as towns and villages across Andalucia. This is where you will meet your General… More →

It is true that babies are born every day, around the world. It is not true, however, that they are born in the same way or under the same conditions. In fact, both material standards of living… More →

Andalucia Health Centres

Look up details of your Andalucia health service, local Primary Care Health Centres (often refered to as 'Ambulatorio'.