Tetanus and Diphtheria

Tetanus and Diphtheria

As everywhere, in Andalucia anyone with injuries such as deep cuts, gashes or burns is advised to get a tetanus vaccine, particularly if they can't remember when they had their last vaccination.

If you need a tetanus vaccine, be advised that across Andalucia is it generally given together with the diphtheria vaccine. Once you've received that initial jab, you need to return in one month for a follow up and then a year later for the final shot.

Certain sectors of the adult population are targeted for tetanus and diphtheria vaccines. In addition to unvaccinated people with injuries or burns those over 50 living in rural areas are also advised to be vaccinated as well as those working in the agriculture sector or using intravenous drugs.

Pregnant women in their third trimester often receive a tetanus jab - without the diphtheria vaccine - just in case. Everyone else gets the tetanus and diphtheria shots together.

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