Living in Andalucía - Having your baby in Andalucia

Pregnancy in Andalucia  © Michelle Chaplow .
Pregnancy in Andalucia

It is true that babies are born every day, around the world. It is not true, however, that they are born in the same way or under the same conditions. In fact, both material standards of living and cultural factors affect even the medical procedures involved in birthing.

The following articles provide some basic information regarding facilities and attitudes parents might encounter in this region of the world.



Birthing Centres Birth Procedures
Here we look at where babies are born and the type of facilities you can expect.
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Obviously medical procedures are always changing, but here are some general descriptions regarding what you might experience in an Andalucian birthing centre.
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New Mum in Seville Prenatal Care
A new mother living in Seville shares her experience of Spanish health care.
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Studies show that prenatal care greatly enhances both mother and baby's health. Andalucian health authorities make ample provisions for this necessity.
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Postnatal Care Pregnant Life in Spain
You will mostly be on your own after birth, but there are a few things you should know, and your baby will need to make specific visits to the pediatrician.
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Fiona Watson describes her personal journey from trendy Londoner to being a pregnant expat in Seville.
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Home Birthing
A popular alternative to giving birth in hospital; home birthing in Andalucia is becoming increasingly sought after. Here is some information on what home birthing entails.
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