Birth Procedures

Your new baby will be your pride and joy. © Michelle Chaplow
Your new baby will be your pride and joy

What to expect from giving birth in Andalucía

Giving birth in Spain is not quite like doing so in the US or Northern eurosspe. To begin with, there is far less emphasis on patient involvement in the process - at least at public centres. If you go this route, expect decisions to be made for you and expect to be told what to do and when to do it.

Most private centres and some state centres will offer anaesthesia. However, you may or may not receive some explanation regarding the type of anaesthesia used. And, beware, that in state centres, the doses of pain reliever used in epidurals are often so low they will barely provide any relief. For this reason, many choose to have a natural birth rather than take the risks involved with anaesthesia.

While you might have the good fortune of having your own, personal doctor deliver your baby at a public centre, this is not the case at state hospitals. You will be attended by the doctor or midwife on duty. In the case of the latter, a qualified specialist will be on duty should an emergency occur.

As preparation for birth, Spanish health care workers typically administer an enema and some centres might still require shaving. It is becoming more and more standard to allow fathers to be present during the birth. Also expect quite a number of staff to be present and don't be surprised if someone offers to "help" the baby out by throwing their weight on your belly.



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